Low carbLow carb diets are focused on attempt to reduce or just eliminate particular carbohydrates from the ration. The main “targets” are refined carbs such as high-sugar cereal or white bread. There are few popular low carb diets. We’ll try to enlighten the most popular of them. The first low carb diet we’ll mention is the very Dr. Atkins low carb diet plan. The Atkins low carb diet plan is one of the most stringent plans among most popular diets. It completely eliminates added sugars and refined grains from your diet.  The next low carb diet we’ll mention is Carbohydrate Addicts Diet. According to the inventors of this popular low carb diet plan, the obese people are suffering from an addiction to carbohydrates and the diet they’ve invented can alleviate this carbohydrates addiction. The next low carb diet plan we’ll mention is South Beach Diet. Though it is not a low carb diet technically, this diet plan is focused on decreasing the total amount of carbs and replacing all of them with preferable “good” carbs. The next diet is The Schwarzbein Principle. This is the modified low carb diet plan; it is all about eating plenty of protein and “good” fats when at the same time eliminating all processed foods and sugars. The next diet is Somersizing. Author of this low carb diet plan is Suzanne Somers. He refers to certain carbohydrates as “Funky Foods” that should certainly be eliminated and at the same time he encourages food combining, meaning eating certain foods together. The next diet plan is SugarBusters. This low carb plan have huge difference from the lots of others, because it doesn’t needs you to count your carbs, but to that it does require you to eliminate some carbohydrates from your diet altogether. The next low carb diet plan is such called “The Zone”. This plan is even more balanced than the very Dr. Atkins Diet, but it is much more stringent in its requirements. It will need obese person to eat clearly specified percentages of current food types at each meal. It is needed very much in order “to be in the Zone.” Alright, we have told the basics of low carb diet plans. Now you have in your mind the main information which you will need when chose your own low carb diet plan. As you see, many professionals worked on this problem. They have invented excellent low carb diet systems. But the most of these systems require something of you. Some are more effective but less requiring. Others require lots of your discipline while offering the best results. All that you need now is to choose your own diet plan.